Milestone: Maintenance Clothing Takes Some Time Off

I’ve learned the hard way that not everything in life goes as planned. Maintenance was born from a journal entry. It was a concept that I had played with and worked on for almost a year before having the tools, time and people to help me make this real. This business was started and officially launched by Kristian Szabo and I and a team of talented and passionate people.


I knew starting a business with someone I was dating was a risky move, but relationship aside- Kristian is an extremely talented guy who helped make Maintenance into something tangible- a real brand.

Here we are, about a year and 7 months after launching this company and about 2 and a half years after my journal entry, and things are changing. Kristian and I have decided that our relationship is no longer positive and we are ending things, but remaining friends. We both believe in Maintenance and love what we have built together, but in going our separate ways, we need to decide what happens from here with the brand.


With that, we will be keeping our web store opened while we take a few months off to decide on the direction of things. It may not sound like it, but even scary and unexpected changes lead to progress. I’m excited to see what the future holds! #maintain

- Tara

Maintenance is Fab from 12.4 – 12.11

This week starting @ 7pm EST on Tues 12.4 you can buy MAINTENANCE on the same site that you buy all of your other awesome clothes, gadgets and tchotchkes-

While this will be the FINAL PRESSING of some of our current designs, we’ll be ringing in the new year with some new stuff for you guys. So make sure you take advantage of our Fab sale while supplies last! Check out our web- mercial (heh, has anyone coined that yet?) of some behind the scenes snipits of a cute Fall shoot with our former intern, Sarah Frascella!



I love my… Violeta!

So here I am at the age of 25, madly in love with house music, hip hop, alternative and indie rock. My music taste are all over the frikken place but I love to rock out and I love to dance… so there’s that.

I’m pretty sure we can all look back and remember what songs drew us in and caused us to explore different music genres. For me, when I think back to house/ dance music growing up, a few songs absolutely come to mind. Does anyone remember Sandstorm or Better Off Alone? Or how about “Satisfaction” from Benny Benassi presents The Biz?

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Violeta from The Biz… Yes! I met the woman responsible for the vocals of songs we used to (and still) shake our money makers to: Satisfaction, I Love My Sex, and Able to Love. She stopped by our office & we had SO much fun. She was super cool, and I couldn’t stop asking her questions like a little fan girl LOL. We talked about the music and fashion industries, her experiences and future plans…

Check back soon for more photos of Violeta rockin one of the new pieces we are releasing this fall and a brief interview where she will talk about some super exciting things she has in store for all of us- woot!