Milestone: Maintenance Clothing Takes Some Time Off

I’ve learned the hard way that not everything in life goes as planned. Maintenance was born from a journal entry. It was a concept that I had played with and worked on for almost a year before having the tools, time and people to help me make this real. This business was started and officially launched by Kristian Szabo and I and a team of talented and passionate people.


I knew starting a business with someone I was dating was a risky move, but relationship aside- Kristian is an extremely talented guy who helped make Maintenance into something tangible- a real brand.

Here we are, about a year and 7 months after launching this company and about 2 and a half years after my journal entry, and things are changing. Kristian and I have decided that our relationship is no longer positive and we are ending things, but remaining friends. We both believe in Maintenance and love what we have built together, but in going our separate ways, we need to decide what happens from here with the brand.


With that, we will be keeping our web store opened while we take a few months off to decide on the direction of things.┬áIt may not sound like it, but even scary and unexpected changes lead to progress. I’m excited to see what the future holds! #maintain

- Tara