Fun on the Waterfront

Oh, Summer, how we’ve missed you! The second we saw the sun come out, we headed over to Hoboken (no jokin’) for a photoshoot! Sarah (our Summer 2012 intern) got some awesome shots and the team had a blast causing a ruckus. We hijacked an ice cream truck…

Skated & watched some kid wipe out pretty good…

& jumped off of rocks. You know, an all around productive day!

Check out the shop section & pick up one of our tri- blend schematic tanks or ladies crop tops- perfect for fun in the sun! #maintain



So we just got word that our favorite “Dirty Little Girl”, Natiah Cheraylis is planning her official Music Video launch party! I’m totally stoked on this. We were happy to provide her with a custom M LOGO tank and our Eliza Cuff for the mechanic shop scene of her “Dirty Little Girl” video.

It was a blast being behind the scenes of her video! I have never been on the set of a video shoot, so it was pretty cool to see how exactly everything comes to life.

We’ll keep you posted on our girls progress. You’ll want to keep your eye on this one!

Kelly Rowland @ 4SixtySix

Okay. I must say that this was the best moment in MAINTENANCE history:

Yeah, thats Kelly Rowland wearing our “Eliza Cuff”. No big deal. LOL We’ve only been in business for a few months so seeing such an awesome celeb wearing one of our pieces brought tears to my eyes! Kelly was so sweet and her eyes lit up when Natiah presented the piece to her. Kelly also went home that day with one of our totes, Maintain Love, High and Low MAINTENANCE, and our LUHV Leggings. As well as some Liquid Lightning and Johnny Concert goodies. Enjoy, Kel!