Milestone: Maintenance Clothing is Back in Action!

It took some time. But I am back to maintaining what I love… this brand. The past 7 months, we have not released any new product but the team and I were still out there spreading our message and deciding which direction to take this business in.

My former boyfriend, Kristian Szabo, and I founded Maintenance Clothing in 2010 and officially opened for business in May of 2011. After deciding to go our separate ways both personally and professionally in January of 2013, Kristian has moved on to work as a web developer for LexisNexis. He has put a ton of work into this brand and is the web developer who helped create our website, brand photos and past and present product offering. Kristian is no longer an owner of Maintenance, but remains our web developer and affiliate. He’s a truly talented guy, and I’m happy to know that he has moved in a positive professional direction. Go Kris!

As for me, I have been working full time for since last September. It has been so great to be a part of the Fab team and they are a gigantic inspiration! My personal life has been quite crazy this year- oh boy, to say the least! I went under the knife and had surgery in February, started a new relationship with an awesome fellow named Angel in April and spent most of August planning the re- launch of Maintenance Clothing. I made a new LLC and am now the sole owner of the brand :) Pretty sweet that this line is now officially a female owned business- hooray!

Tara, Amanda

Let’s not forget the group of passionate (and obviously good looking- duh) twenty- somethings that have been working behind the scenes to make this brand something special . There is no way that one could create something like Maintenance Clothing without the help and talent of these guys. Not to mention the hundreds of Maintenance Clothing customers, fans, and advocates that we have met along the way.

Tara, Natiah, Walter

The gent in the photo below is Jason – he is my very best friend and has been on board with Maintenance since the idea was born. This was before we launched, before I met Kristian Szabo, and before we even made a facebook page. To this day, Jason still helps out a bunch and is our Social Media Manager. While I work on getting our product made, shot and uploaded to the site and in stores, Jason helps spread the word about the brand. Say hi to him here:


This has been quite the journey- but we are just getting started! I’m excited to bring you guys new tees and inspiration this fall. If you want to get involved with our movement, please don’t be shy! You can reach me directly by emailing

- Tara

Milestone: Maintenance Clothing Takes Some Time Off

I’ve learned the hard way that not everything in life goes as planned. Maintenance was born from a journal entry. It was a concept that I had played with and worked on for almost a year before having the tools, time and people to help me make this real. This business was started and officially launched by Kristian Szabo and I and a team of talented and passionate people.


I knew starting a business with someone I was dating was a risky move, but relationship aside- Kristian is an extremely talented guy who helped make Maintenance into something tangible- a real brand.

Here we are, about a year and 7 months after launching this company and about 2 and a half years after my journal entry, and things are changing. Kristian and I have decided that our relationship is no longer positive and we are ending things, but remaining friends. We both believe in Maintenance and love what we have built together, but in going our separate ways, we need to decide what happens from here with the brand.


With that, we will be keeping our web store opened while we take a few months off to decide on the direction of things. It may not sound like it, but even scary and unexpected changes lead to progress. I’m excited to see what the future holds! #maintain

- Tara


Hey all!

So some of you have been all like “whats goin on with MAINTENANCE, yo?!” So I think it’s time for an update.. Some of you have been following our brand since the wee beginning: before a website, before clothes, and only a message of “Maintain What You Love”. While some of you guys have happened upon us somewhere this past year and have been super supportive and equally as awesome!

Old customers, new customers… you guys are all phenom and inspire us to create awesome tees, visuals, jewelry and post silly pictures.. just to make you smile. Like this one:

So things have slowed down this Fall because I decided, after 2 years, to go back to full time work. It was a hard decision to make, however my new job is inspiring, enlightening and tons of fun. I work for the words fastest growing start- up : Fab

I wasn’t out there looking for a job, but when I saw that they were hiring I figured “what the hell” and applied. It’s such a pleasure to be apart of such an amazing and dynamic team. How can it not be when going into work every day is like walking into a very well- designed wonderland :P My background before fashion is in interior design and I truly feel that Fab is a great fit for me.

They launched their business only a short time before we launched MAINTENANCE and it is so inspiring to watch them grow at the rate that they are.

But with that, MAINTENANCE still has plans to go release more cool tees & product and make you guys smile :)   We are running a sale on Fab in Dec 2012 where we will be releasing some brand spankin’ new designs!

Kris (our co-owner/ web design/ developer/ photographer extraordinaire) will be making some upgrades and changes to the site for ya’ll so be on the lookout!

Remember, that if there is any feedback that you have for us, if you would like to be a part of our team, have product or design recommendations or just want to chat- you can reach us directly right through our contact form.