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MAINTENANCE has been fortunate enough to have been featured on over a dozen websites and blogs in the past year, but only a few times have these articles actually been PRINTED. Our 5th article in print is within the pages of LAMPLIGHTER NJ; an indie mag about all things NJ art, music & overall culture. Look, Ma, I’m a centerfold! LOL

Keep print alive and BUY this issue HERE (it’s only $5 w/ shipping). THEN add Lamplighter on FACEBOOK & tell them MAINTENANCE sent you. Once you get your copy, proceed to rip the page out and tape it to your fridge/ in your locker/ on your wall.

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Vintage Explosion!

Every girl LOVES jewelry, no matter how old you are. How can we resist adding a few pieces to your purchase when you only went to the store to buy clothes or shoes?!

Jewelry not only adds character to your outfit, but can sometimes tell a story all on its own. Lately my Aunt T has been collecting vintage pieces from wherever she can find them- some still with price tags, the smell of an old lady’s perfume & wear and tear from years of use. She let me snag a few pieces that I liked from her collection & I couldn’t help but show them off!

When was the last time you saw hair clips like this?!

Snagged these two pairs of clip ons…. The pink ones came in this cute little plastic box & had a matching necklace.

Totally digging the fact that these still have the price tag left on it. $3 from Nordstrom or 2 for $4?! Let me know when you see a deal like that coming out of that place now-a-days- not gunna happen. Does anyone have a hunch as to how old these are?

& this is the one that still smells like old lady

There’s no way to know who these pieces belonged to but there’s something so intense about owning a piece of jewelry that isn’t from the mall….

**Photography by Sarah Frascella**

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