Milestone: Maintenance Clothing is Back in Action!

It took some time. But I am back to maintaining what I love… this brand. The past 7 months, we have not released any new product but the team and I were still out there spreading our message and deciding which direction to take this business in.

My former boyfriend, Kristian Szabo, and I founded Maintenance Clothing in 2010 and officially opened for business in May of 2011. After deciding to go our separate ways both personally and professionally in January of 2013, Kristian has moved on to work as a web developer for LexisNexis. He has put a ton of work into this brand and is the web developer who helped create our website, brand photos and past and present product offering. Kristian is no longer an owner of Maintenance, but remains our web developer and affiliate. He’s a truly talented guy, and I’m happy to know that he has moved in a positive professional direction. Go Kris!

As for me, I have been working full time for since last September. It has been so great to be a part of the Fab team and they are a gigantic inspiration! My personal life has been quite crazy this year- oh boy, to say the least! I went under the knife and had surgery in February, started a new relationship with an awesome fellow named Angel in April and spent most of August planning the re- launch of Maintenance Clothing. I made a new LLC and am now the sole owner of the brand :) Pretty sweet that this line is now officially a female owned business- hooray!

Tara, Amanda

Let’s not forget the group of passionate (and obviously good looking- duh) twenty- somethings that have been working behind the scenes to make this brand something special . There is no way that one could create something like Maintenance Clothing without the help and talent of these guys. Not to mention the hundreds of Maintenance Clothing customers, fans, and advocates that we have met along the way.

Tara, Natiah, Walter

The gent in the photo below is Jason – he is my very best friend and has been on board with Maintenance since the idea was born. This was before we launched, before I met Kristian Szabo, and before we even made a facebook page. To this day, Jason still helps out a bunch and is our Social Media Manager. While I work on getting our product made, shot and uploaded to the site and in stores, Jason helps spread the word about the brand. Say hi to him here:


This has been quite the journey- but we are just getting started! I’m excited to bring you guys new tees and inspiration this fall. If you want to get involved with our movement, please don’t be shy! You can reach me directly by emailing

- Tara

Celeb Sighting: Jessica Biel

Okay, so I’m caught without a Maintenance shirt here, but I had the pleasure of running into the gorgeous Jessica Biel on the streets of NYC, last night. Where’s Justin Timberlake, you ask? Taking the picture, of course! ;)

jessicab Designer Party

I feel SO privileged to not only be an employee of but to also be a Design Partner who has sold this very brand up on the pages of their cutting- edge web store. Since Fab is nothing short of kick- ass, they threw a cocktail party where all of their Design Partners could come together and have a blasty- blast. I also ran into my friend and affiliate, Courtney Gamble(right), aka Mess Queen. Here we are along side jewelry designer, Erika Dray(middle).